Reed and his team have maintained the landscape for Wellington Place town homes here in Dunedin since 2011. My personal experience with Reed has been excellent. Reed is extremely responsive anytime we need assistance and we appreciate the quality of the work done by his team. Reed and his entire team display a level of professionalism and courtesy that goes above and beyond. I highly recommend Imperial LandCare!

Mindy, Dunedin

Very nice job from Imperial LandCare on everything from hazardous tree removal to new mulch beds and trimming. The crew showed the utmost care and conscientiousness, great customer service and Reed made sure they did everything to make sure I was happy with the work!

Lanka, Safety Harbor

I am sending this to let you know how much I appreciate Reed and his staff for all of the wonderful work they do to keep our grounds looking so beautiful. Twice this week I have had visitors comment on the pristine foliage of our campus. To go beyond this, I must tell you how polite and respectful these guys are each and every time I encounter them. They always stop their equipment so that I can walk by and greet me with a “Good Morning”. We are so fortunate to have them with us!

Andrea, Clearwater